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About Gransden Print Shop

Now our website has been live a while, we thought it was a good time to properly introduce ourselves!

Hallmark Equipment Service Ltd has been in business supporting the print industry since 1985 and during that time we have been predominately a print engineering company.

In 2006 we entered the wide format UV printing sector as support for the Dupont Cromaprint and this business resulted in us taking on our own range of UV LED flatbed and roll to roll printers in co-operation with Longier Digital Technology Company, Nazdar Ink Technology and Sai Flexiprint software.

As a support company we are well aware that in the event of a failure which thankfully is rare we need to respond ASAP especially as many of these printers are primary production devices, so therefore we cannot fill our time up completely with engineering work. 

At our premisses we have two demo printers that sit idle much of the time as do we, so we decided to enter the trade printing arena as Atrade printing focusing on local business, it has proved quite a good move and therefore we decided to widen our customer pool and become a fully functional wide format print shop. As befitting our location on the edge of the beautiful villages of Great and Little Gransden we launched Gransden Print Shop. 


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