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Why switch your printing company?

We know that once you've found a printing company you trust, it's tempting to just leave them to it. They know you, they know your work, and it's easier for you.

However, we believe there are some strong arguments for continuing to shop round and make sure you are working with the best local company for your needs.

1. Different printing companies have different strengths.

Although a printing company might offer the same services as another, most have a speciality that they spend more time, effort and money on. For example, our speciality is large format print - banners and signage etc. Sure, we can help with digital needs such as business cards, but our main offering will always be the same.

2. They can offer you alternatives and extras.

What a printing company can offer literally depends on what printers they have in-house. It's worth asking what other products they can help with - there might be marketing options for your business you've not thought of.

3. Price.

An obvious one, but every so often it's worth price-checking against other local companies. When you've been their customer for a while, it could be easy for something better to be slipping under the radar.

4. Experience in different industries.

A printing company needs the equipment but it also needs the expertise. Every local printers around St Neots has an incredible team behind it, but every print shop owner is from a different background with different expertise. In 2006 we entered the wide format UV printing sector as support for the Dupont Cromaprint and this business resulted in us taking on our own range of UV LED flatbed and roll to roll printers in co-operation with Longier Digital Technology Company, Nazdar Ink Technology and Sai Flexiprint software. That's why our speciality is large format.

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